Mamoru Machida

Mamoru Machida is a character in the Girls Bravo manga and anime. He resembles a stereotypical nerd and often dons the guise of the "Mamo Ranger"(Mamo-Red in the manga). In both the manga and anime, he is shown to be very obsessed with cleanliness. Both accounts showed that this behavior stemmed from childhood trauma where his mother beat him whenever he failed to clean his own messes.

In the mangaEdit

Mamoru first appears in Act. 38. He is under the delusion that Yukinari and his friends are villains and tries to defeat them as Mamo-Red. He ends up destroying the Mizuno High School building, but he blames it on the main characters. He returns in Act. 39 trying to have revenge, but his attempts end up causing property damage across the town. In Act. 40, the gang learn why Mamoru is so obsessed with cleaning messes and try to make him feel better about himself by pretending to be new recruits for the Mamo Rangers. It didn't go very well. He appears in Act. 46 suggesting that the school play be about the Mamo Rangers. In Act. 47, he appears in the play as a weed. He appears once more in Act. 60, where he tries to help during the mosquito outbreak. His penultimate appearance is in Act. 66, where he gives Miharu advice on dieting. His final appearance is in Act. 68, where he is one of the people from Earth sent to Seiren by Tomoka Lana Jude. After failing to fight Kazuha, he is sent back to Earth, Tomoka explaining that she didn't exactly need his help and only enlisted him for the sake of doing so.

In the animeEdit

He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino and by Sam Regal in the English dub. While he made quite a few appearances in the manga, he only appears in three episodes of the anime. In his first appearance, his once-harmless habits become a real threat after taking lessons from Lilica Stacy. However, after saving the school from an enlarged doll, he became a true hero and friend to the gang. He makes an appearance in Fukuyama's movie as the father of a wealthy family. His final appearance is during the school festival, during which he was looking in on the school's maid cafe with Yukinari Sasaki and Kazuharu Fukuyama. Later, he unsuccessfully tried to stop Maharu Sena Kanaka.