• Lisa
Name Lisa Fukuyama
Age 15
Voice Actor Hunter Mackenzie Austin (English)
Yuki Matsuoka (Japanese)
Gender Female
Birthplace Japan

"Blonde Witchy Girl" (by Tomoka)

Lisa Fukuyama (福山 リサ Fukuyama Risa) is Kazuharu Fukuyama's slightly insane younger sister. Lisa is a master of black magic. She first used black magic to bring her doll to life (Eli). Her use of black magic has caused more than a few problems throughout the series (infesting her family's mansion with ghosts, summoning a giant octopus in the school swimming pool, causing an explosion within a shopping center). Lisa is constantly accompanied by Hayate and Kosame, who cater to her every whim such as gathering intelligence or even kidnapping. She develops an infatuation for Yukinari Sasaki after his appearance matches a description in her horoscope for her soul mate and often employs her magic to get closer to him—with predictably disastrous results. Although she considers Miharu Sena Kanaka as her romantic rival for Yukinari's affection, she is very fond of Ebi, who reminds her of the pet cat she owned when she was a little girl. In the anime, Ebi's girl form reminds her of the beloved doll she used to spend her days with, which she was reunited with later on in the series.


  • Due to the lack of distinguishing L and R sounds in the Japanese language, Lisa is erroneously called Risa in English printings of the manga.