Koyomi's father was a man from Earth who came to Seiren and met a woman named Asuha. They married and had a daughter named Koyomi Hare Nanaka, but sometime later, Koyomi's father returned to Earth.

In the MangaEdit

Koyomi's father is only mentioned in Act. 12 of the Girls Bravo Manga Series.

In the AnimeEdit

In the Girls Bravo Anime Series, Koyomi's father is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in the original version and by T. Axelrod in the English dub. He first appeared in a flashback in Bravo on a Rainy Day! Part 2, promising to bring a young Koyomi to Earth someday. In Sunny Afternoon Bravo!, Koyomi spends a great amount of time trying to find her father. Kazuharu Fukuyama and Tomoka Lana Jude also try to help, but only succeed in having Koyomi surrounded by perverts attracted to her that claim to be her father just so they can have her. He makes an appearance in Bravo to Seiren! remembering his daughter and going off to try and find her. In Final Bravo!, Hijiri Kanata controls his mind and tries to get him to kill his own daughter to close the gateway to Seiren she has opened. Lilica Stacy managed to hold him off until Hijiri was defeated on Seiren and Koyomi's father returned to his senses. He is last seen in the ending of the episode with his daughter.