Kazuha is a man on Seiren who runs the Space-Time Management. He once tried to marry many of Seiren's women, including Miharu Sena Kanaka. Yukinari did not want to lose Miharu to Kazuha, so he went to Seiren with Kirie Kojima and Tomoka Lana Jude. Tomoka managed to defeat Kazuha by recruiting help from all of her friends on Earth. Later, Miharu and her friends returned to Earth, and Kazuha received his comeuppance when he was forced to marry Maharu Sena Kanaka. He only appears in the manga.


Kazuha is similar to Kazuharu Fukuyama, except he has darker hair, and is shown to see women as only mere playthings, which angers Kazuharu as he surprisingly sees women as being of great significance despite his lecherous actions towards them.

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