Hakana is a minor character featured in the Girls Bravo Manga Series and Girls Bravo Anime Series.

In the mangaEdit

While unnamed, Hakana appears in the third chapter of the first volume of the Girls Bravo manga. In the story, Yukinari Sasaki, Miharu Sena Kanaka, and Kirie Kojima visit a hot spring, but are scared when they see Hakana's ghost. Hakana explains that in life, she bathed at the hot springs and saw a peeping tom see her naked body. She tried to chase after the pervert, but she slipped and fell to her death. She then stated she could only cross over if she got even with a pervert, and assumed Yukinari was one because Kirie called him a pervert after another one of his incidents resulting form being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Hakana intended to possess Kirie, have Yukinari touch her, and then have revenge, but in the end decided to just let Yukinari embrace her while she possessed Kirie. This ends up with Hakana enteirng heaven.

In the animeEdit

She appears in the episode Bravo at the Hot Springs!, which is a loose adaptation of the story she appeared in in the manga. In the original version, she was voiced by Ai Shimizu and she was voiced by Tara Platt in the English dub. While she isn't named here either, she is referred to as "Hakana" in the end credits.