Season one

1.Bravo from the bathtub

2.Bravo at school

3.Cooking is bravo

4.Bravo in the mansion

5.Bravo on a rainy day part one

6.Bravo on a rainy day part two

7.Look for a groom bravo

8.Lots of bravo

9.Bravo at the great Magic war

10.Bravo at the hot springs

11.Ping-pong is bravo

Season two

12.Bravo at the pool

13.Fight bravo

14.First date is bravo

15.Clean up bravo

16.As long as we are together then bravo

17.Bravo at the part-time job

18.Bravo at mahjong

19.Rabbit ears bravo

20.School festival is brvoo

21.Sunny Afternoon bravo

22.Present is bravo

23.Bravo to seiren

24.Final bravo

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