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Ebi 1

First appearance
TBA (Manga)
TBA (Anime)
Voiced by
Megan Hollingshead

Ebi 1

Ebi when Tomoka turns her into a real girl.



Ebi (☀エビ), a rare and magical creature from Seiren. Ebi in the manga was accidentally summoned by Miharu during a bath, whereas in the anime she was accidentally brought to earth in Tomoka's luggage. In both versions, Miharu adopts her as a pet, although in the anime she originally wondered if Ebi would taste good. She resembles a plump miniature seal with the face of a cat and a pair of large bobbing antenna, which causes Miharu to claim she resembles a shrimp and is where her name came from (ebi being the Japanese word for shrimp). Ebi in the anime suffers a great deal of torment at the hands of Tomoka, who uses her as a flail, fishing bait, a handball, etc. On one occasion, Tomoka transformed Ebi into a small green-haired girl to show off her magical knowledge, although in the manga Tomoka only did it briefly, as Yukinari and Kirie paid more attention to the transformed Ebi than to her. Ebi is surprisingly intelligent, and during a Mahjong match in the anime, she thought through the entire play in her mind. Unfortunately, Tomoka was a novice and Ebi couldn't speak human language, rendering her plan fruitless. Ebi in the anime is also able to shoot a powerful beam attack (called the E-beam by Tomoka) from her mouth.

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