Bravo in the Mansion!
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date August 10, 2004
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Bravo on a Rainy Day! Part 1

Bravo in the Mansion! is the fourth episode of the first season of the Girls Bravo Anime Series.



Miharu suddenly disappears. Yukinari and Kirie eventually find out that she has gone to Fukuyama's mansion. Because of Kazuharu Fukuyama's androphobia, only Kirie can save Miharu. Yukinari attempts to sneak in, but then has to deal with the security guard maids. Lilica Stacy gives Kirie a tour of the mansion(much to her chagrin). After finding Miharu, she learns that Miharu went to Fukuyama's mansion so that she could work for him and earn money to help Yukinari with his expenses. Kirie and Miharu return home, but they do not think about Yukinari, who is still stranded in Fukuyama's yard by the end of the episode.

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