The twenty-eighth chapter of the Girls Bravo Manga Series



Sick of being harrassed by Fukuyama, Kirie decides that she, Koyomi, and Miharu must go to his house and find a way to use his allergy to other men against him. They suffer some humiliating parts of Fukuyama's mansion, from air-conditioning shot from the floors blowing up their skirts and exposing their panties, to a glass floor with a camera. They then come across a bath. Kirie is at first refusing to use it because there might be another hidden camera in there, but the three girls in the end decide to bathe in it anyway. Unfortunately, Fukuyama walks in on them bathing. The story ends with Yukinari scolding the girls for entering Fukuyama's house.


In the anime episode Bravo in the Mansion!, Kirie goes through a tour of Fukuyama's mansion that also has the air-conditioning ejected from the floor, but none of the house features from the manga are used. There are also features of Fukuyama's house that only appear in the anime, such as an elevator with video cameras designed to make the females they record to appear naked.